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Collaboration has been a really horrendous experience for my partner and I.


It locks you out just because someone's editing? Why? That is the whole point of collaboration. Take Notion, Nimbus Note, Google Docs, you can just see their edits as they happen.


Perhaps I'm wrong in thinking that's what Evernote offers, but I don't see the logic in locking someone out just because the other user is editing.


Is this something that will likely change in the future? Perhaps implementation of “Take over editing” as a feature would be a nice addition if multi-user collaboration isn't really what Evernote prioritizes. We had to keep refreshing out tabs until I had editing privileges. Wasted a lot of our time.



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This has always been the way Evernote sharing works. When Evernote launched that was the way collaborative editing worked in general. Other services have come along since which have found the way to do what you describe. Perhaps this level of collaborative working should be available but I doubt anyone has heard of any plans. In fact I don't that there are any plans for this in the near term. The editor has just been reworked for v10. I think that works have been the time to add this.

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The way Evernote - and probably every other software engineering company - works when considering new features is:

  • How much will it cost to change? (In this case you're looking at a fundamental change to the syncing processes which underlie how Evernote works)
  • Will we recoup that cost in retentions and new business within the next year or two?

If the answer to those questions is 'lots' and 'no',  then you have no chance.

If it works out differently,  then (unless they're already working on it) after some months' development work and a further month or two testing - when both of those can be fitted into Evernote's ongoing 5-year plan for development...  which might be at 5yrs + 1 month...  you might see a new feature.

The only good news is that in a recent blog Ian Small (I think) was talking about changes to the sync process,  so you never know...

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