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Highlighting lost in note created in PC version

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I added highlight to selected text in PC Word. Then I copied all the text and pasted it into a new EN 10 note. The highlighting is preserved in Legacy But when I open the note in PC or Android EN 10, all highlighting is gone (except for one piece of text, weirdly). I use highlighting to indicate text I want to modify in EN and send back to Word, so this is important. Perversely, In EN 8 on an older tablet, the highlighting is fully preserved.

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Can’t reproduce the issue, since I do not use Word or EN Android. In general It is a known issue that the simple editor in EN will not reproduce all formatting made in Word or similar.

If you need to preserve edits, attach the file instead of copying text.

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Maybe yes - and this proves what ?

v10 is a new software, that does things differently from the old, native clients. Some things will be added with releases, as EN did in the past year, others will be gone for good.

You can issue a support ticket if you miss something you direly need, or just loved and want back. 

Personally I plan for what functions I get with todays releases, and am happy with every additional function I get over time. The scale is by no means only tipping to functions that were there and are now MIA - there are plenty of other functions that never have been there, until v10 was launched and since improved. You can use legacy clients for desktop and Android, as long as they work, if you want to.

In the long run my opinion is a user needs to make his peace with v10, or draw the consequences and migrate to another service.

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