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Using 3rd-party Payment Method for Contents across Platform

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Hi there,


We are developing an education app. We want to enable users to purchase credits in the app and buy teaching resources (consists of texts, images, audios, videos) using the credits. My question is whether we could use 3rd-party payment methods, instead of IAP, for the credits. I did a search on the forum and there are a lot of thread related to this. But the answer varies from different requirements and may violate the guidelines (since they are guidelines not rules). I am confused. Here is my requirement:


1. The app has both IOS and Android versions. Users use money to buy credits, and use credits to buy all the services/resources in either IOS app or Android app.

2. Typically, teaching resources consists of texts, images, audios, and videos.

3. Some of the teaching resources include additional offline training services.

4. We do not own the teaching resources and have to pay the corresponding authors money for every transaction (usually above 50%, sometimes above 70%).

5. In the future, we want to provide offline materials together with the teaching resources, also bought via credits. But currently there is no such functionality in the app. i want to set payment method for  my website


Thanks in advance,


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