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Vim mode support



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EN is a general note taking tool, not a programmers editor.

I doubt you will see something like this implemented, ever.

As a workaround use a code editor, and attach the files.

To drop ideas with EN PM, use the feedback function of the clients, or issue a support ticket.

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Sorry I thought that topic "General feature request" with the possibility to set post as"Idea" is a good place to post ideas for improvements. 


Regarding my idea. Ofc that's mainly the programmer IDEs feature but why to be closed for that improvements for notepads? It could even bring new programer users to that app. Programmers also use that kind of tools. If we want to go with your way of thought "code block feature" should have never been implemented

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No problem - the case is just we users are mostly among ourselves here in the forum. EN staff is not very active here. If they read everything is up to everybody's imagination. If they do, action taken from it is not really visible.

EN has build the new clients around the new editor. They have not shown any impulse to modify it, for whatever reason.

They have to balance ease of use for all users against special interest groups, like programmers, people who like extended formatting, the markdown fraction of users etc. Up to now, they keep the editor lean & clean. I doubt this will change to accommodate special use cases of any subgroup of users. Besides, VIM may be popular among some programmers - I think it is only a fraction, a quite tiny one. 

There are better solutions for specific use cases out there. The workaround is to employ one of these program. For code I use COT Editor on my Mac, and attach the files to EN notes.

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