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The background photo for the desktop app and the web

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I am trying  to change the background photo, for the desktop app and web also. Every time I close the app or reload the web page, the background photo goes back to the default one; the photo of the mug?

What is that?

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When you customize your Home, you put the information you need front and center, so you can see exactly what you want, just the way you like it. Customization options are available to Evernote Premium, Personal, Professional, and Teams customers (and vary by plan)


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This is happening to me as well. One reason I specifically upgraded was to be able to do this but every time I set the image then return to the app, the image has reset to the default crappy cup of coffee. I'm on latest app version, and this happened even before the last update!

Please don't just link to the 'how to.' We know how to do it. It's not working.

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I'm assuming that you have a paid subscription. My understanding is that Home customisation is only available to those who pay. If you're on a free account then there is nothing more to suggest than pay if this is something you need along with the other benefits https://evernote.com/compare-plans

So assuming a paid subscription, this type of issue is often linked to some account data corruption.

My first try would be to sign out abd remove my data from the device (File | Sign Out | Remove my Evernote data). Then log back in and once ypur data has been rebuilt try again.

Failing this, fully uninstall using a program such as Revo Uninstaller. Then reinstall and again re-try.

Failing this then a support ticket would be the way to go.

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