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Evernote for Android mobile phone, software will not update.

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I am having issues on my Evernote for Android Phone with error messages on my Evernote Android Tasks stating that the content is not supported.  The tasks were created on my computer.  After some digging I noticed that my software version listed under settings/support is 8.13.3 on my phone. It also says underneath it, check for updates, but it is not active. The writing is gray.  I erased my cache, uninstalled and reinstalled Evernote from the google app store, and shut off the phone and turned it back on.  All efforts return me back to the 8.13.3 version.  My android software was last updated on 12/21/21 nd states it is up to date.  Evernote is telling me the software should be 10.25 version.  Any ideas why I can not update would be welcome. 

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EN said they will look into developing a v10 version for Android 9 and below later. Since they are still after problems with the current version supporting Android 10 and above, I personally doubt they will get to it. Probably the older installations will disappear together with the devices. They still work with the EN server, so you are not cut off from the syncing source. But new content like Tasks will not show.

But of course I might be wrong, so watch out for changes.

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