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How well does Evernote run on Apple iPad 9th Gen (A13 CPU)?

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I have to replace my Apple iPad Air 2 (A8X CPU) because Evernote is unusable, it is miserably slow.

I have an iPhone 13 (A15 CPU) which runs Evernote fairly well. 

It seems that my iPad choices:

  • iPad (standard) 9th generation, A13 CPU.
  • iPad Air 4th generation, A14 CPU.

The standard costs half as much as the air, so I would rather buy that one.

Can anyone comment on how well Evernote performs on the A13 CPU?  This is the same CPU that is in the iPhone 11.

I am concerned about going too old on the apple CPU because my previous iPhone Xr (A12 CPU) struggled with Evernote.


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