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55 minutes ago, ImolaS3 said:



is it possilbe to copy tags form one note to another or several otehrs? I made a note with 6 tags and when i add others in the following frew hours , i want to use the same tags 

Yes you can, at least on Windows and therefore almost certainly Mac and possible web. Select all the tags at the bottom of the note you want to copy from. e.g click the first one and then shift- click the last. Press ctrl-C. Go to the new note you want to paste th tags into. Click in the tags area and the bottom and then ctrl-V to paste the tags.

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..Two other work-arounds:

  1. Create a comma-separated version of your tags - <tag1>,<tag2>,<tag3>,<tag4>,<tag5>,<tag6> - and save that as text somewhere handy - in one of your notes,  or in a text file on your desktop.  Copy and paste that entire string into the tag field in a new note - Evernote will parse it back into separate tags.
  2. Create a 'blank' template note with those tags - duplicate it each time you need a new note with those tags.
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