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Sharing notes quota

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11 hours ago, deodat said:


I can't find any information on sharing notes quota for each Plan.
What plan do I have to choose if I don't want any quota for sharing notes ?




Hi.  You may have to explain your needs in a little more detail - there's no quota for 'sharing' notes with others;  you could start with the free plan and decide more from there.  Beware that with Free you can only access the account when logged in through two devices - desktop and web, or mobile and web/ desktop.

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EN has upload limits. As I understand it, when you share a note with a second person, their upload counts on their limit, not on yours. You change the note - it uploads, your limit. The other person makes a change - it uploads, his limit.

This is my understanding. To be sure about it ask support.


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Hi.  There are a couple of forum threads on this but no apparent conclusion - 



There's even a Reddit to the same (none) effect: https://www.reddit.com/r/Evernote/comments/o63nlc/when_trying_to_share_notebooks_i_get_an_error/

Internet searches usually help a lot with queries,  but in this case there seems to be nothing concrete. There's no published 'sharing limit' for Evernote Free,  but we'd be pretty sure there is no limit for subscribers...

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Number of people you can share a notebook with: 500

Number of shares via Work Chat: 50

See the link above.

If this isn't the number for you then presumably a glitch on your account. You can try the File, Sign Out, Forget your data option of you are on a desktop app. I would not anticipate that to provide a fix but worth trying. Otherwise contact support.

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1 hour ago, deodat said:

I must say this is quite annoying to be blocked after 2 or 3 shares to test a solution

Did you try the suggested data refresh? I don't think this is a block on you. It seems to be either a glitch (most likely from my perspective) or a general setting (that hasn't been declared). 

Either way, reset your data and failing that contact support.

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31 minutes ago, deodat said:

@gazumped there is no mention of number of notebooks you can share ... my experience with free account was 3 :(

Sorry - you're correct that the item says 'people you can share notebooks with' but it doesn't specify whether that's one notebook with 20 notes to 500 people,  or 25 notebooks with a total of 500 notes...

Best suggestion is back to ask support - https://twitter.com/evernotehelps/ 

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If you search a little in the EN help database, you find this short overview about sharing (actually it came up first) , including a video:


And at the end of it you find a mail address inviting everybody to ask:


So why don’t you just go ahead and use it  ?

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