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Support of different Calendar Services

Stefan Krause


I think it is great to have ability to link a Google Calendar to Evernote.

But why not allowing to add other calendars like iCloud or Exchange/M365? - Not everyone is using Google and I personally do not want to change my complete setup just for the Evernote Calendar Integration.

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Because … no … 😲

If you search the forum and read release notes and look at the EN blog, you find that G went first, next will be Outlook, then maybe (no confirmed) others.

If you want it all, and now, set up a Google calendar, link your current calendar to it, and use the G-cal as your interface.

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Faisal Malallah, I tried the steps outlined and the calendar events did transfer to EN but after connecting the "other" calendar any update in the Outlook calendar does not make it to EN.

Also, when I past the isc url Google does not accept it, I have to past the html line.

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