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Clip current page from pdf

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15 minutes ago, paperboyitalia said:

Hi. I have several newspaper in pdf.

When I use the webclipper on Chrome it saves the whole pdf in a note.

Is it possible to store only the current page in pdf format? I use Chrome for Windows 10.

I don't believe it is. Your options are:

  1. Do a screen shot of the page. Works well if it is relatively short and fits on a page. Don't forget that EN's character recognition will make the text searchable.
  2. Print the pdf in chrome using the "save as pdf" option. Choose the page range that you want and make the destination for the file the EN import folder (tools -> preferences -> import folders)
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Install the EN web clipper in your browser, and you can clip everything on the web (with a few exceptions, usually related to a paywall) in best quality, with a lot of options.

The screenshot tool in the helper is NOT build to clip websites, since EN has a much better option.

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