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Please add the feature - "Lockdown" for each note.



Hi Developers,

I have to say Evernote is great! But it still has improvement for user experience.

For example, I discovered many users in the forum to request many times to add control switch - "Lockdown"  for each note. However, no developers of Evernote face this up as necessary function to add it in their ToDo list.

I believed that most users as I still have be suffering to explore our notes record and then our finger unexpectedly made it to enter the edit mode to modify even damage the notes and records.

I hope developers could make it in the future.

Thank you!



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You can activate edit protection on the mobile client (talking about fat finger syndrome …). If you feel you have a tendency to jiggle around on the screen of your device, activate it.

On desktop the risk is lower.

There is an Undo function plus note history to recall a former version saved from all clients (access to note history only on desktop and for subscribers, but it is running for all accounts and clients). EN content is much better protected than other programs ! 

Looking at it from a usability viewpoint, it makes no sense to lock things up just to protect against a rare exception.

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