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Sorry, I don't know how to write these sorts of things, but here is my suggestion:

Collapsing text; It is as simple as the title text that collapses, like from a blank space or a sentence.

It would help with having less space and easier searching through the text. And if you want to look in the text behind it, just press on some arrow.

It would also help with learning and grouping stuff together. So basically, it's like a footnote but is disappears and does not go on the bottom of the page but under a certain sentence or space. 

It would help with learning as in; look at a word and definition behind the collapsed barrier, so you can't see it. Then just click on the Collapsible to open the text with its description.  Then that way it is a short and easy way to rehearsal a word, not practically the best way. 

And it also with listing words with descriptions. Have a word, then under its definition (in a collapsing thingy). And then repeating that process. Looks better and is easier to 'handle'.

For example, when a word has too many lists it takes up a lot of space, that would be different with the Collapsible. 



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