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How to keep my free plan??

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I just bought a new phone and went to open my Evernote account. It is telling me that I have to upgrade because I cannot have 3 devices on my free plan. I have tried to remove my old phone, but it won't acknowledge the change. Help please!!

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You need to be down to 1 synced device before you can add another.

You first log out of the app on your old phone, then revoke access to it using the second registered client. 

To be sure* you can check whether it is gone for good, and there is only 1 device left.

Now you can safely install EN on your new phone, log in and let it sync.

(*) Since the number of unsyncs is limited to 2 within 30 days, you better think it through ahead of actually starting to remove and add EN on devices. If you consumed your unsyncs, you can be locked out of the app, unless you wait 30 days, or subscribe.

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