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Faster, EN 10.29.7-win-ddl-public(3186)

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Grace to all, from God our father:
I am happy to report that Evernote got faster in Windows7-SP1 & Android11. (sadly, I cancelled my paid subscription, but still got this year for EN to persuade me to re-enroll if they reach my specs) 

Is good to point what's bad but is better to report what's good. For me, has been, and continues to be, a challenge to continue to use EN for my enterprise workflow. I stop using ever note for my task management and started using it as a reference library tool, but even as a reference library, it was unacceptably slow (not so for the previous super fast EN developed in C++ language).

         Today the app offered an update and it was refreshing to notice an improved performance and speed. I still want EN to exceed TODOIST's speed (which is fast enough for me: 2 sec max or faster response to capture o retrieve info actions) on its cloud-based application. I travel throughout Mexico using Walmart's cellular network "BAit" (through Mexican Co. Altan Networks grid) and TODOIST response is blazing fast, which is good when short lived ideas come to mind and they need to be captured immediately or sometimes I need a quick response when I'm interacting with clients. Nonetheless an improvement in speed. Thanks to the developers of EN, may God share with you his unlimited intelligence.

version  10.29.7-win-ddl-public(316) 22-01-2022 03-23-26 p.m..png

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