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Tag Management & Tag Nesting

Nick V.



Please, Please, Please bring back the window and features that allow for Nesting and Organizing Tags in the next version.  This feature was so essential to my workflow and organization of notes that I am still and will remain forever stuck using Version 7.14 for Mac OS, until this feature is restored.  Notebooks are where I organize notes at the highest level of context (think different sections on a bookshelf for 'Personal x,y,z' or 'Business x,y,z').  Tags are where and how I organize more detailed sub-categories two or three layers deep (think 'contexts' in GTD like Who, Place, Tools, Time Required, Energy Required, Importance, etc.) although I tend to use it for things like different areas of business, investments, or personal life (Self Improvement, Interests, Reference, Social Issues, Contacts, etc.).  

Having a 'Tag Management' screen and interface as before to create, delete, drag & drop to next and organize Tags is Amazing! Please bring this feature back.  


-Nick V (7yr Evernote Subscriber) 


Screen Shot 2022-01-22 at 11.54.23 AM.png

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