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i am a new mac user and just downloaded EN. I am confused on how to best organize my information. I am used to having folders and then tabs. I will start with work stuff so I have a list of certified partners, pre-certified partners, just signed partners. Then under that I need to list each by name and then sort by what city they are in and put notes about each one. How would you suggest using notebooks and tags to get the same type of folders and tabs

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Take this with a grain of salt, but perhaps it can give you some ideas as to a new way to organize your information:

Make notebooks for each type of partner (Certified, Pre-Certified, Just Signed)

Make a note for each partner (Joe Schmoe, Billy Crystal, Mike Wazowski, etc.)

Create tags for each city (Chicago, NY, LA, Dallas), and tag each note appropriately.

Write notes about each client in their given note.

Again, I have no experience with One Note or your particular information, but that system would make sense to me given what you mentioned.

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