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Login to evernote each time using scannable on iOS?

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Its not the login itself that is annoying, it setting up the preference files over and over again.

I am on iOS15.2 and EN 10.24 Scannable 2.4  So I will need to update to iOS15.2.1

I noticed today that EN 10.25 available if I go direct to EN, and an update button but it does not show I need to update in my app store. Why?

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You can’t download to iOS from anything else than the AppStore (unless your device is jailbroken, which I doubt because there is no jailbreak for iOS 15).

There are 2 major release strings for EN clients: One for desktops (and the web client), one for mobile. 

Desktop is currently on 10.29, mobile on 10.24.

It is not a bad idea to get iOS 15.2.1, but the „.1“ is a mere security release. It mainly fixes  a vulnerability that when you enter a device name with 500.000 characters for your iPhone, and sync it over iCloud, and have a connected HomePod mini, it will send the HomePod into a death loop through a memory overflow. 

No, this is no joke. I think Apple fixes it because venturing people may not believe, go try it themselves and brick a lot of valuable HomePods while they still are in short supply.

But I let my thoughts stray: Updating iOS will not fix your Scannable trouble.

My advise: Ask support.

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Subscribers only …
Scannable was acquired by EN years ago, and not really take to the future. I only have it installed to check things from time to time (like now …), but I don’t use it. I don’t advise anybody to use it either.
As a scanner I use the build in scanner of the EN app for single pages. If I want a pdf, I mainly use Scanner Pro by readdle, on occasion Microsoft Lens.
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I noticed today that EN 10.25 available if I go direct to EN, and an update button but it does not show the update in my app store. Why?

PinkElephant, you don't know what you missing not using the Scannable. I personally  am using for 100 things, here are a few:

1. When I shop I scan all my receipts and through away as the paper receipts have a high level BPA, and I do not wish to keep it in my wallet. The advantage is that if I need something to return or file the receipts under expenses, I can always do a search as you know EN has the text recognition. I have a note book, under 2 different credit cards

2. I scan and keep all the receipts of Tax deductions, including gas mileage note book. What about scanning a business cards?

I no longer have file cabinets and all my receipts, including insurance files etc, etc. are scanned and transferred to EN, in case if the companies do not send me the PDF docs. I could name a few more... That's why login in, and setting up the preferences each time I have to use scannable its a pain and time consuming.

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I prefer Scanner Pro. It is not for free, but it is much better than the really aged Scannable app. Some highlights:

  • Allows to switch between cameras on my iPhone 11. I especially like the telephoto lens - it avoids to cast a shadow with the same phone that is used to take the scan.
  • Has build in editing properties for a pdf file - like sorting the sequence of the pages, deleting a page, and this even when the pdf was already created.
  • Control of Brightness and Contrast, plus 4 different modes to enhance readability of all type of documents. Nice for example if the paper is thin, and the print on the back is shining through.
  • Build in full OCR. I can take a scan, and convert it into computer readable text right on the phone. I can switch between picture layer and text layer, even copy the OCRed text layer on the spot and use it, for example to write an e-mail. The text will be passed on with the pdf, making it independently searchable from the EN OCR, that will only work inside of EN.
  • Saves my scans to a cloud service of my choice automatically.
  • And the best feature with ScannerPro - beats the ***** out of Scannable in sending content into EN: I can create a bunch of workflows - I have about 10 of them. Each workflow will send the scan to a different notebook, apply a set of different standard tags and other actions. With my 10 workflows roughly 80% of my new notes created from scanning do not need any additional moving and tagging, because everything is already applied when the scanner app creates the new note.
  • There is no need for a login per use into EN. I authorize it once a year for the workflows, and it is good to go for a long time.

For volume scanning I have an ix500 with a fast feeder, duplex scan, full Abby OCR and so on. I use it when scanning more than 15 or 20 pages. But everything below is a job for my ScannerPro app on the iPhone - except a simple scanning task where I may use the scanner build into the EN app to grab a page.

For the special case of business cards I use a specialized app. It creates the scan, makes full OCR of the card and creates a new contact in my iCloud contact book. Full OCR means not only extracting name, phone and email as EN does - it reads the full card and extracts every part of it. Works OK except for cards with a lot of design elements that makes it hard for the OCR.

And my last piece of equipment: A ShredCat shredder with a 100 pages sheet feeder, to convert all the paper that was digitized into confetti. It is munching down a feed every few days - a very liberating sound.


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Thanks PinkElephant, I will do some research about the apps you recommended. I love learning about new apps that are on the market.

About the scannable, I fallowed your suggestion and contacted EN, and already received an answer. since I am a subscriber. They said that they are aware of the glitch and the developers are working to resolve the issue, meantime they suggested to use the scanner inside the application, which I have no idea where is it, except taking a photo snapshot. Is that it?

Thanks again fro taking your time and trying to help.

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It is the camera option behind the blue + in edit mode, or the camera / scan option behind the green new note / + button.

It will look and find document edges and cut the camera view accordingly. It saves each take as a picture into the note - when your document has 3 pages, you end up with a note with 3 pics.

Since EN OCRs pictures as well, a short time after the new note has synced, it will be searchable.

To create a pdf from it, you need to „print“ the note to a pdf file. This is maybe the weakest part of it, because of the basic printing options of the v10 clients. Alternative is to use a pdf generator app.

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I tried the Scanner Pro, which was on my iPhone, don't remember why I got it. I tried it for the first time, it pretty nice. I don't even remember paying for it. So what do I pay? I found different pricing online:

  • In-App Purchases
    • Fax Pack 1 $0.99
    • Scanner Pro Plus $19.99
    • Scanner Pro Plus $3.99
    • Scanner Pro Plus $25.99
    • Scanner Pro Plus $30.99
    • Fax Pack 2 $1.99
    • Fax Pack 3 $4.99


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I found it, since I purchased the scanner pro earlier I will get all the Pro Plus Features for free. All the subscriptions are for the new users, so I am lucky and the new users have a bad luck. This is not the first application that switched to subscriptions which I hate. I have an iPhone app that I paid $6 life time and now it went to subscription $29.99 / mo. LOL!!!  This specific app had 4.9 star reviews on App store, now it went to 3.2 stars. Not hard to guess why. There are some apps, I do not mind paying subs, like Evernote, for example.

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Same with me, I got the Pro package years ago. I remember they were going down the subscription trail a while ago, but honor the old purchases.

A subscription is OK when I get a continuous value back, like an online storage. They have bills to pick up every month, so it is ok. But not for a piece of code that is delivered, and that is it.

Anyhow, I am glad to learn you can avoid the subscription - just give it a try whether it serves your use cases. I know no other app that has such a nice workflow feature.

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First of all thank you Pink for helping me to discover Scanner Pro, and pointing into a right direction. And I totally agree with you about paying subscriptions storage, and apps that get frequently improved and modified. But paying for a peace of code. I know its not relevant to this issue, but I want to share this anyway. An example equalizers. Almost all of them are subscriptions now, paying (and they are not cheap!) listening to my own music with a better bass? I got one that I paid $3.99 years ago, and now it's over $100/year! WOW!

I wish Apple would come up with their own custom EQ, but... it will not happen, for one reason. I let you guess, why.

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2 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

.... - they are making their cut from each monthly payment, over and again.

You are absolutely correct! And their profits from subscription are millions, vs their own EQ, which would not give them any advantages over their competition, nor any additional income.

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How do you think issues are fixed ? By voodoo ?

Usually it is done by a new release. Open AppStore, last release 1 year ago. Ooops.

BTW, I do not have that problem, on no one of my iOS devices. I do believe it is something in the way you have set it up, or the login you use (by Google/Apple, or by user name ?), or whatever.

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As I said, I think there is something specific on your installation. 

OneDrive is no EN software, the comparison makes not much sense,

Personally I do not regard Scannable as such a great tool. I even expect it to be removed one day, because the internal scanner takes over.

Meanwhile no further ideas - maybe ask support.

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Hi PinkElephant,

Thanks for your reply. Of course is OneDrive not an app from Evernote. I just wanted to state, that there are apps which are capable of remembering my login dates. Scannable is not.


I deleted and reinstalled scannable. Let's see wether it is working now correctly.

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OK, thanks for the clarification. Since I use the same login method there might be a chance, that scannable is remembering my login also for 30 days after being reinstalled.

Thanks again for your support.

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Just played around with Scannable a bit (still not requiring a login). After taking the scan, there are 2 options: "Send" and "Save". The login is only behind the "Save" option, the "Send" opens the usual sharing view that does not require a login. I think this is because the Save moves the scan through the API, whereas Sharing uses the local app to create the note.

Maybe use the sharing instead of saving if the problem is not solved.

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Hi PinkElephant,

Again thanks for your support.

At the time being I have a little confidence, that scannable remembers my login now. Reinstallation might have helped. I prefer saving, because I use EN as a file storage.

But the whole process is pretty complex: scanning, checking, saving; then in EN renaming the entry, renaming the pdf-file, downloading to my notebook. On the other hand is the quality much better as with my 20 years old multifunction printer. 😂


You were talking about a native iPhone scanner you prefer over scannable. Since I can't find such an app - what is the name?

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PinkElephant is correct!

In my case I am using Scannable just for basics things, receipts, invoices, plus some documents that I am getting in the mail. Because its very convenient.

I am using the Scanner Pro, (lucky getting it before subscription)  if I have important docs, insurance policies, etc. Thanks to PinkE,

Its very hard to find any apps that has one time charge, almost impossible. You want enhance your photos, subscribe, listen to EQ bass, subscribe, soon we will be charged to check the time, LOL. They already have subscription for some weather apps.

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OK, folks. Thanks again for your help and support.


My weather app also shows mostly sunny sky exept when I'm going on vaccation with my motorbike. 😂😂


Just kidding. It's raining also, when I'm at home. 🙈


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Maybe you should subscribe the rain would stop.

BTW, I checked the Scannable today, still I would need to login and reset the preferences again, like it was in the last 2-3 months. EN doesn't rush to fix it. In spite of all of us the subscribers.

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Without wanting to split a hair - Scannable is an app available for free to all users. 

It was never rushed since EN purchased it from another company. It was integrated (but only lukewarm), and since kept on a once per year release schedule. I think it must be pretty old code, and depend on very few people who can maintain it.

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I forgot to mention that last month I received an email from EN, and they said that they are aware of this issue and are working to resolve it. So anytime there are updates for my apps I rush to see if there is a Scannable icon among them. So far, I am till waiting....

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Thought I’d throw in that on iOS I greatly prefer SwiftScan (previously called Scanbot). In my experience, it has the best auto-capture. In the app, you can sign into Evernote and choose a default notebook (0 Inbox, for me). I have it set to auto-upload the scanned file and delete its local copy. It supports many other cloud services, too.

To me, Evernote’s built-in document scan needs refinement. And the iOS app icon should have long-press shortcuts for scan, note, and task.


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Thanks scojjac,

The Swift Scan maybe is a good application, but unfortunately has subscription, which I normally staying away as far as I can if I can. Today many apps have subscriptions even if I need to listen to the music with a little base. So if I would subscribe to all of them, I could have a second mortgage. LOL! Maybe for some people who are using the scanner frequently its OK , but not for someone like me, who is using once or twice per month 2-3 documents at the time. I just do not want to pay $10 per scan. Fortunately Scannable back to normal.

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Pretty good free stuff:

The build-in scanner of the EN app

Microsoft Lens

QuickScan (asks for a contribution)

My favorite Scanner app (paid):

Scanner Pro by readdle

Always was and is a great scanner app for the iPhone. It allows to define workflows to send scans right into predefined notebooks in EN, ready with tags applied. In my opinion Scannable on steroids !
The developer readdle is based in Ukraine. Getting the app is a way to support these people a bit in a way useful to yourself.

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