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I left. But today, I felt a flutter in my stomach when I thought of EN. Considering a comeback, but not sure...

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I left Evernote about 6 months ago after coming and going about 10 times. I decided that I was storing way too much ***** in it; things I never went back and looked at, and it was just a file cabinet full of (mostly) *****. 

So I moved all my files to OneDrive, and a few "reference notes" into Apple Notes, and I settled on Obsidian for "my thoughts". 

I've discovered over the past few months that while I want to be a guy that documents thoughts regularly and maps/links them -- I'm not. I'm a librarian 100%. I like to put things into an organized pile in case I need it later, and for that -- Evernote works perfectly. 

I'm temped to come back with that 50% off offer, but when my year is up and they want me to drop $90 next year, I'll regret the move I'm sure. I'm also very apprehensive about how my data is stored on their servers. With Obsidian, I know I own the text files and can easily backup/restore my notes. They're in Time Machine on my Mac, I can see them in other apps etc. I don't get that functionality in EN but at the same time, EN makes it easier to store media files in a single note without creating attachment folders, and I'm not always wondering "okay, now...what can I link this to, how should I organize it, should I create a map of content?". 

I like the idea of Obsidian more, but in day to day use, I think I actually prefer clipping/emailing, and simply typing into EN. I struggle with this stuff because who I WANT to be vs how I ACTUALLY use these services are two different things. 

I prefer EN I think, but it's not cool and the nerds would tell me I don't own my data etc etc, so I went to Obsidian. Now I'm wondering if that's the right call. I liked my "Home" dashboard and the welcoming interface in EN. 

Decisions decisions...

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16 minutes ago, TheGrudge said:

I'm also very apprehensive about how my data is stored on their servers. With Obsidian, I know I own the text files and can easily backup/restore my notes.

I don't understand your concern. Evernote agree the notes belong solely to the user and provide options to allow you to backup and restore them as you wish...

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EN is hosting on Google data centers, probably the best protected places on the planet to host data. Did you know Apple is running 30% of their iCloud in Google data centers ? There is not a single file in a single data center, there are copies, geographically distributed, and fallback in case of one going offline. EN does server maintenance on a regular schedule - could you tell when ? No, because the secondary sites kick in.

That is the server side.

If you want your own backup, locally, stored wherever you want to store it, you just need to run a backup of the EN data folder on your computer. On my Mac it is part of the TimeMachine backup I am running - without a need for action, who runs TM automatically runs an EN backup with it. On Windows you probably need to set it up accordingly.

If your local computer gets encrypted, it disables automatically the syncing with the EN server. Fully encrypted notes won’t match with their server counterparts any more, the server data is safe. And even if - note history is running on all accounts, subscribers can access it and set a note back to a prior state.

From my analysis data stored in EN is as safe as it can be - by adding your local backup you can add another layer of protection. 

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Gosh I'm exactly the same, @TheGrudge.

This past 18 months, I've been making a concerted effort to shift off Evernote (v10 initially disappointed; v6.x is a ticking clock), and after many (many) hours of looking at alternatives, Obsidian won (Amplenote came very close - I'm PC, so Devon, Craft etc. were out.)

I started to use Obsidian, but damnit, Evernote is easier. Quicker. Guess I'm a librarian, too.

And I'm thinking I'll take those limited Evernote font choices (v10) over dual pane mark-up Obsidian shenanigans. I want to get into Obsidian, but I just want to make notes, apply simple formatting, and move on. It seems, despite my sticking with v6.x, that Evernote is still the faster workflow. And despite the concerns over the past year, I'm struggling to switch wholesale to Obsidian. Yarle notwithstanding.

So I totally get where you're coming from. Right now I'm still - surprisingly still - on Evernote. I've not moved on. And I'm still not yet sure I'll be renewing my Obsidian annual sync sub.

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