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Intuitive google prioritized searches



One of the things about Google search that made it work so well is that it weights things.  This brings the most likely result up top.  In EN, I can search for something and many results show up that have one occurrence of the term buried somewhere in the note but are not opened much and not about the term as a topic.   Then the one note titled with the search term will be buried down the list. Hard to even find.   It's like you search for "IRS USA" and you get twenty results where some site mentions IRS but the actual Gov site is buried on the next page. 

I know, I should have memorized whether the thing I'm searching for is in it's own titled note.  I should also have the search codes memorized so that I type the extra stuff in the window "intitle:" or something like that, in case it's a titled note.  I'm a bad lazy user who hasn't gotten search working after years and years. But I just want it to work like google.  I can use the web like a ninja but not EN.   

Speaking of that, could EN just somehow link to google so that we get google search limited to within the app?

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