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Move Evernote to an offline PC.

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Hello everyone,

I am looking for a solution to move Evernote app from an PC into another new PC without internet and without the possibility to have. 
So the option to install the tool into the new PC is not ok  because I cannot connect with my account.

Yes, I tried before searching on google, but I feel like "I finished the internet" :) .Any advice is very appreciated. 

Thank you.

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The answer from my experience is: You can’t.

Even if you could install, and even if you could move a local database to the new PC, it will only access the offline data when it was logged into the EN server before going offline. No server connection prior to go offline, not note access. This is for security, and AFAIK it can not be circumvented.

But feel free to ask support, maybe they can find a way.

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18 hours ago, CCSB said:

move Evernote app from an PC into another new PC without internet and without the possibility to have. 

You're trying to work with the wrong product; Evernote is a cloud based service   
It only supports temporary offline use

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11 hours ago, gazumped said:

but you could export all your notes to HTML files and view the existing notes in a browser...

Assuming that EN would finally fix the attachment bug! It's still impossible to navigate to the note attachments from inside a note. I issued the defect almost one year ago! I have the impression that EN developers forgot what the 'H' in HTML really stands for :-;

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The limited access to offline was my point to get off Evernote. The old Legacy app might work for you.

I had to export everything to Joplin to be able to have an app to work completely offline.

I am very much missing Evernote and would surely come back if you fix the "TotalCloud" issue of new Evernote... (Although by now Evernote had to deliver an "import from Joplin feature, too ;-)

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Offline works fine. I am offline quite often, because I prefer offline to a shaky internet connection when on a train. Have been travelling all day today, with my Mac mostly offline, taking stuff from EN notes for composing a report. 

EN v10 works fine offline. Just stay logged into your account before going offline. You can quit the app, you can shut your computer completely off and restart it - just do not log out of your EN account before all this. Then offline access to your EN data is a piece of cake: Just open the app as always.

When getting back online, open EN, and then let it sync the changes. It is best practise not to use EN on any device while it is still syncing changes.

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