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How to save a webpage as pdf in EN, without leaving the Mac browser?

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I prefer to save webpages as pdf in EN for various reasons one of which is the Summarize Annotations feature that applies only to pdf annotations and another reason being able to capture all formatting exactly as it was.

While I can do it fairly seamlessly on iPhone Safari (by screenshooting entire page as pdf and "Share with" EN), I cannot find a similar experience on my Mac. The only way I could do it is to export as pdf to my local filesystem and upload to EN in a following step.

How to save a webpage as pdf in EN, without leaving the browser (Mac Safari and Chrome)?

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@gazumped Hey, Windows boy: Maybe you need extensions when on a crooked operating system 😎

On a Mac it works like this:

In Safari, have the web site open, go to the File menu and select "Print ...".

In the Print box, choose pdf, and from the drop down menu choose "Evernote". I have a second option "Save pdf in Evernote" - the first one is saving into v10, the second one is for saving into legacy. If you only have v10 installed, you probably have only the "Evernote" option. And I have Skitch installed, which would be another way to send something into EN (but not as pdf).

Choose "Evernote", and in an instant the website is printed as a pdf, a new note is created in EN and the new pdf is placed into it.



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