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Calendar feature of EN v10 and google calendar issue

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Just noticed that if I put a calendar event into google calendar as a reminder (instead of an event) , it does not sync to EN v10.   In fact, you don't even see that it exists. Another issue I'm having is that there is no way to see a weekly or monthly expanded calendar in EN ie: you see it day by day.  Even if you click on the calendar to open it, you will see a monthly calendar but you will not see the entries for the individual days unless you click through each day.  Strangely enough, you will not even see which days have events eg: via a little dot or some other indication.  So I would say that for now the calendar feature is mostly useless for me unless I just happen to be using the Home feature of ENv10 and want to peek at my calendar while it's there.  I'm very hopeful that this feature improves because it would be nice to get more calendar functionality during the times I happen to be using EN.  This would save me the hassle of bouncing between EN and Google Calendar.

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I haven't, yet, found a use for the Evernote calendar. So far it feels like a solution looking for a use. You are correct that you can only see events day by day. Of course you can switch to the list view which shows future days. 

Give support feedback. The calendar team seems to be quite attentive to ideas even if the roll out is not typically speedy.

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5 hours ago, agsteele said:

So far it feels like a solution looking for a use.

I thought the same but have after a lot of messing around have built it into my workflow and it works a treat

My use case is that I provide online/in person training and also produce/host a popular marketing podcast.

So the workflow goes:

Person goes to my booking calendar and books a training session or podcast interview.
Zoho Flow (which is like IFTTT) passes the booking to Zoho Calendar (my main calendar) and also Google Calendar (for EN).
Flow also automatically creates a new note in the correct notebook with booking information.
When I'm prepping the session I link the note to a calendar item.
All sessions appear on my home screen in the calendar widget.

This has been working well. All my notes/scripts/questions linked to the correct event.

Would love to some some sort of week view or next 7 days view in the calendar widget. 

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This sounds very efficient.  I use Calendly and google calendar for people who book appointments with me.  I had not thought about integrating that with EN.  Your post shows that almost anything is possible with a little ingenuity.  I think that the calendar is my missing link with Evernote.  I conduct nearly all of my personal and business life on EN.  This means that I simply have to have that one program open on any of my desktops and on my iphone and I am able conduct 90% of my work through there.  But the calendar has always stymied me and I routinely miss appointments and important dates because it involves me having to go to a separate system to check.  When I'm at work I don't check my iphone or my email that often and I miss all the calendar notifications.  When I'm not at work the calendar notifications come to the iphone but I often don't hear the gentle sound and therefore miss it.  Haven't figured out a way to get this perfect yet.

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