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Excel spread sheet on Android phone not syncing with Windows PC?



I have an excel spread sheet on my Windows 10 laptop that I want to add to Evernote on my laptop. I also have Evernote on my Android phone and I want to be able to edit the same excel spread sheet on my laptop and phone and have them sync together so that any changes made on either my laptop or phone are saved to each device.


How do I do this, I tried but failed miserably!


Thank you.

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EN in itself is not an editor for attachments. There is are exceptions, but AFAIK only on the Mac (can't try, the PC is down for the night).

When you want to edit an attachment, you need to have a program installed that is able to manipulate it. In case of Excel it is either Excel / Office, or one of the 3rd party programs that are able to do so.

You may try, but I think changes will not automatically sync back into EN. You need to save the file to your devices memory, and import it again into the note in EN - or create a new note with he changed file. Same on Android - you need to install an app that allows you to change an Excel file on the phone.

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