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Small but annoying issue on how pdfs show up in EN v10 windows desktop

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I may have posted on this before but I have not yet seen this issue resolved.  I tend to fill my notes with pdf files eg: a note on 2021 Taxes may contain 15 pdf files from various brokerage firms etc.  In Legacy there is a preference that one can set whereby the pdfs are viewed as file attachments.  Therefore, the note appears as a very legible, clear and tidy note with 15 attachments clearly visible.  However, in v10 the pdfs are appearing in an open format and the first one fills up the page.  So when I look at the note it is not clear to me what the other pdfs are underneath this one.  If I click on each pdf and select "more options" and then "view as Attachment" they condense into neat little icons.  So I reconciled myself to manually doing this on the hundreds (maybe thousands) of notes in which I have pdfs.  I don't know if this is a glitch or a feature but I get the impression that after I do this it reverts back to the other way when I restart EN v10.   I'm confused by it because the behavior on this is a little erratic ie: at times I think that the change in format is sticking, but other times I am seeing notes which I "fixed" but are now back the other way.  Is anyone else experiencing this?  Maybe I should make this type of preference into a feature request?

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I was kind of wondering if anyone else has noticed this behavior ie:  you change the way pdfs are supposed to show but they then revert back ?  I just did an experiment where I changed all the 15 pdfs to icons and completely closed EN v10.  When I restarted it I see that the change has stuck.  This is confusing because in the past I made the same changes to the same note and yet it reverted back again.  So maybe EN has fixed this issue somewhere in their updates.  I'll observe it for the time being and see if it remains an issue.  I'm surprised that others haven't posted on this issue because if you're filling your notes with pdfs then this is indeed a very annoying situation.

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From my observation it is mentioned from time to time in forum posts, but not very prominent.

EN is very reluctant with preferences for v10 - maybe to keep the web client and the installed desktop client close together.

Only feedback and tickets will feed directly into the channels EN is using to survey market reactions.

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Another reason why they are good discussion threads is that in many cases the feature is already there but the user has not fully understood where!  This has happened to me more than once which is why I usually post in the discussion group first.

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