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Good afternoon everyone in the Forum.
I use Evernote since 2011 and till date, it is really very useful, even though I use it basically for Notes and Passwords, although I am reading that it can be used in various ways.
The thing is, I have a Free account and I can only use Evernote on one device and Evernote Web.
However, I don't know if I can use Evernote Web on two or more computers at the same time. Is it feasible or do I have to close a session to open another one?
I will be very grateful if you let me know about it.

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There is a cap on 2 unsyncs per month. This means you can swap a device from time to time, but not on a regular basis. This is what some users did in the past to work around the devices restriction - so EN decided to enforce the rules.

And a general remark: DON'T USE EN TO STORE PASSWORDS !

It is not build for that purpose, it is not safe enough to use it that way, and there are sufficient forum posts about breaches to accounts (because users made mistakes in their own account security, not because EN would have been breached) that prove me right.

Get yourself a decent password manager and use it.

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Mister Gazumped and Miter pink Elefant, good evening.
I really apprecietd your prompt and kind answers.
EVERNOTE is safer and friendly than many software like One Note. But I use for notes mostly.
I will be using Evernote Web one at a time. Mostly, I use it when it is needed.
I thank Pink Elefant. I will use a Password Manager instead. So far, Google is good enough, but if you leave the PC or Laptop alone, the security is gone away. 
Thank you all! 

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Good move ! A password manager will not only help you to store your passwords - it will help you create new, good ones as well, can handle 2FA, will warn you against reusing passwords, will check in internet databases if you use known passwords (which makes breaking them much easier, by the use of rainbow tables), etc.

Since we all rely on many online accounts these days, keeping them safe should be a top priority.

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