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Missing notebooks and empty notes :-(

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Sometime between July and January, two of my notebooks disappeared entirely and some of my notes are now empty.  I suspect it is related to either Evernote updates or getting a new computer this past fall.  Because I was on a free account, I had to delete Evernote from my old computer in order to add it to my new computer.  I upgraded to Personal in order to see if I could find my missing info, but it is not on the web version, and it is not in deleted items (I KNOW I did not delete my notebooks!).  One of the notebooks can be recreated (but time-consuming), but the other has no backup -- it was just notes that I put into Evernote because that's it's purpose!  I have lost my confidence in Evernote.  Is there any chance of recovering this lost information? 

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18 hours ago, PetuniaMom said:

Is there any chance of recovering this lost information?

If notebooks are deleted from an account,  the notes go into the trash notebook.  There are no known cases of Evernote casually deleting notebooks - the most likely explanation here might be that you actually created a new account rather than re-opening the old free account.  The Forums are mostly user-supported,  and we don't have any visibility of passwords - best advice would be to use your subscriber email support and contact Evernote direct - ask them to check whether you have any other accounts against your user name or email address - and list any other names or emails you might have used initially. 

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