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I cannot scan to selected folder/notebook .

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Hi, I have the same problem. I used to click on the notebook before scanning and the scan would automaticly go to the selected notebook.

Since the update it scans to the default notebook. and i can't find a way to scan to another..

anybody knows how to do it?


evernote 10.28.3

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14 hours ago, VISUS said:

I have the same problem

I wish I knew what the problem was...  the OP hasn't defined it yet,  and it may or may not be the same situation that you're experiencing.  In your case,  what scanner / software are you using to get the scanned file to Evernote?  There's no inbuilt option (AFAIK) in Evernote to sort new notes into a notebook - you can switch on 'smart filing' or you can specify the destination for each scan.  

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I am scanning from IOS iPhone and that is stuck getting to EN. I have also tried scanning from my Fuji scansnap into Evernote and that is telling me that scanner can’t make connection with EN. 
i was doing all of this without issue yesterday .  EN on my laptop ( connected to either home wireless or scansnap wireless) tells me it is synching. It has been synching for hours. I can’t stop scannable unless maybe I delete app from phone but then I lose 20 pages of manual scan. I have tried logging out of EN with no luck. 

any suggestions?


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You are probably using the wrong strategy.

Let us talk about the Fujitsu first - I am on an ix500 myself. I use a Mac to catch the scans, with the ScanSnap Manager software. It works with ScanSnap Home as well, but the setup is a bit different. 

How to do it ? Set up the ix to scan into the ScanSnap software. Set up an import folder to move any file into a new note in EN. If you want to import to several notebooks, you can set up several import folders, and connect each one to another notebook.

Fire up Scanner and Mac, make the scanner (auto)connect to the Mac. Scan. Give a good file name to the scanned file in the SSManager - important because this will later become the notes title. Set the path to which the file will be saved to your import folder. Save. The file will be send to the import folder. EN grabs it within of a few seconds, opens a new note, names it after the file name and drops the file into it.


There is another option, avoiding to use a Mac or PC. It is an app called ScanSnap Cloud, that installs on a phone. You can connect it to cloud services, including EN, and it will then pass any scan from the ix via the phone app to the connected cloud service.

You can install both methods in parallel, and use whatever is more convenient in the moment you scan.

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Talking about Scannable:

In the apps settings you can define any notebook as default for Scannable. It can be a different notebook from the one EN itself is using as default notebook.

When you have scanned, tap on the picture taken. Below the picture you get the options to send and to save. Tap on save. On the next Screen the default notebook shows as preselection. You can change the notebook there, or just confirm.

Just tried it, the scan went to the default or when I changed it to the selected notebook. No problem at all.

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