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(Archived) Search within offline notebooks


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I don't seem to be able to search within the offline notebooks. I always get the message "The data connection is unreachable at this time. try again later".

I wouldn't need offline notebooks if I had permanent data connection, would I? :)

So I need some help how I can search within an offline notebook.



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I am verry happy with the 2.x android version of evernote and as a premium user I am using it on a daily base to organise the incoming data in my work situation. (together with the latest windows version at home and a portable version on my work portable where i have no admin rights)

Unfortunately , my work often brings me in meeting rooms without network connection, not even a wireless one or a mobile one. Not being able to find info while in a meeting is becoming a problem as the number of offlne notes increases.

I plan to keep using evernote but have to think about working around this problem. So I have a set of specific questions:

1: I guess my phone connects to the web for a search even for a offline book because this is the only way a strong search function that would give consistent results over various platforms is possible?

2: If this is the case , will there be a more limited search possibility on the android application in the near future?

3: I did some testing and the searches that have run once and are stored locally can be rerun. Are they really performed again or do I just get the previous result list? e;g. I perform a search on 3/12 with the word "work" that had 4 results. I add two more notes with the word work on 4/12. I rerun the search without network connection on 5/12. Would this give the 4 results or 6 results including the new notes?

depending on the answers on these questions i can decide to use more tags and split in more books or if a local search capacity is in the works i can keep working as i do now.

many thanks

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