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How do I work on excel after I move to Evernote

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1 hour ago, lost_gweedo said:

Running windows: excel/word/etc within EN saves the file to a folder in your local user folder where the evernote db lives.  Any changes you make to a file will be reflected on other devices as well.  

Unless you're using a mobile device when you generally can't open the original directly from a note,  it needs to be downloaded locally first,  then edited,  then re attached to the note.

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Hmm.  I simply open the file from within the note, make my edits and hit save.  Changes are saved to the file within the note, I don't reattach a file to the note.  It does work differently for me on my ipad, though.  At least in MS office docs....I have to save a local copy to make edits, and that changed file need to be manually attached to the note ( I should have been more clear).  How office handles itself on my tablet (ipad pro) is my main complaint about trying to make my tablet replace my 'puter.

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