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Opening note in pop out window very slow

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I'm testing out version 10 a bit (still using legacy while I can). I can get into different notes relatively fast if they are viewed in the main application. However if I open the note in a pop out window it takes up to 10 seconds of staring at a blank note that appears to have been already rendered in the main viewer. This is really terrible. 

Is this normal behavior? I'm using an M1 MacBook Air and have fast internet connection. 


Also, are the notes really never downloaded? It looks like no content is present unless I'm connected to wifi, despite the app telling me that it is synced. 

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Well maybe I spoke too soon. It looks like on an old 2016 Intel MBP i7 the windows are opening in about 2-3 seconds. On my M1 MacBook Air it is more like 5-10 seconds. Both have presumably fully downloaded all the content (can see the note fully rendered in the right sided window). Perhaps the difference is M1 Rosetta vs. Intel native. I think Evernote is still not M1 native on MacOS. 


I'm not sure what setting you're talking about. I have save data at logout checked. I don't see any settings under Files. 

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One last update. Just tried 10.32 with native M1 support and this is MUCH faster on my M1 MacBook Air. Windows open nearly instantaneously. 

I'm afraid to say this, but it's running faster than the legacy app ever ran. 



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