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Make a specific note shortcut-able and standalone open-able without running the main software

Hung Nguyen


Hi Evernote develoment team and all users,

This is the situation:
I have a note that needs long time to upgrade, for example, a note that summaries all main points from a book.
Every time I want to open that note, I have to:
Step 1: open the main Evernote program
Step 2: wait for all notes, notebooks, tags, .... loaded.
Step 3: search for the note that I want to upgrade
Step 4: double click that note to open it in a separated window
Step 5: go back to the main Evernote program screen and minimize it or close it with hope to reduce the work load from my CPU

After all above steps, I can be able to start making change to my desired note.
I am sure that many people have the same problem like me: they have to open a whole bunch of notes and notebooks, spend a long time to wait for them to be loaded, but at the end just to open a single note to work on, everyday, for many weeks, even months.

Now this is my suggestion: it would be great if Evernote allow me to create a shortcut to that note, and place it any where like inside desktop screen or some folder, so that, when I double click it, the note will be opened in a window right away without passing the steps 1, 2, 3 and 5 above, this can save our time a lot.
If Evernote actually allows a single note to be opened in a seperate window after closing the main program, why don't you allow it to be opened separately like PSD files in Photoshop or XLSX files in MS Excel?

Thank you for reading this post.
Please upvote if you find it useful.

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Make my points clearer
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If you open the desired note in a separate window, and have it open when quitting the app, I think it should open that note in that extra window right on opening the app again. You will probably not do this with a lot of notes, for getting visual clutter all over, but for an important single note this should work.

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I get this problem with lots of software.  I have to open my email client and view all my emails before being able to send the one email I need to send.  I have to open my word processing software with all its options and links to previous documents before being able to create that one new document I wanted to create.  I don't need all the extra options in either case.  Why oh why do we have to keep on opening software to do things that we want to accomplish?

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