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Evernote Web Force Sync (or rebuild cache?)

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It is very odd that the Evernote web client has difficulty syncing and keeping up to date with the desktop version.  I don't often use the Web version, but when my inbox gets out of control, it is often easier to have two windows and that is only possible by running desktop and web together.  However, the list of notes in my inbox or any of the saved searches never matches the desktop?

While it seems that the web should be a "live" view of what is on the Evernote server, I guess they are syncing locally, but initially it showed a list of notes that were in my inbox weeks ago.  Even after reloading the page, waiting over an hour, the count of notes in the web inbox still doesn't match what I have on desktop.

Anyone know if there is an option to force Evernote web to sync or clear the previously downloaded data and start again?

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11 minutes ago, aukirk said:

an option to force Evernote web to sync or clear the previously downloaded data and start again?

Your browser should have an option to force reload the page which should help.

As I understand it,  browsers tend to have their own local caches so that if you want to load a page you have visited before in one session,  the browser will grab the version of that page it cached last time you were there to avoid the need to re-download every last pixel again.  With Evernote that could mean that the browser will want to show you slightly old data rather than the detail that has changed since your previous view.  'Force' reloading the page (which by me is Shift+reload) should get that done...  at the cost of a few seconds while things refresh.

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Picking up on what @gazumped suggested, many Internet providers also run a local cache which might also disrupt loading of the latest pages. That said, all these caches should refresh dynamic content even if holding on to static page elements.


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If you use a Chrome based web browser you should be able to click the padlock next to the web address then go to Site Settings and near the top should be Clear Data.

You'll need to log back in.

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The web client links directly to the EN server - the master copy of your notes.

There is no force sync, makes no sense.

Sometimes a browser (depending on its settings) may have older content in its cache, and will not show the actual content. You can look up the cache, erase it, or refresh the browser tab.

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