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Transfert de courriels (mails) vers (to) Carnet de Notes d'Evernotes

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Bonjour !

Mon objectif est les transferts de courriel (email) dans un Carnet de Note Evernotes.

J'ai bien coché le Classer et étiqueter automatiquement les notes envoyées par email.

J'ai aussi testé en inscrivant manuellement dans l'objet du courriel le Carnet de Note désirée.

Mais le transfert ce fait toujours dans le carnet de note Divers.

Est-ce que quelqu'un peut m'aider à résoudre ce problème.

Merci à l'avance.

Michel Dupras.


Google traduction:

Good morning !

My goal is email transfers to an Evernotes Notebook.

I checked the: Automatically classify and label the notes sent by email.

I also tested by entering the desired Note Book manually in the subject line of the email.

But the transfer is always done in the Miscellaneous notebook.

Can someone help me to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance.

Michel Dupras.

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Where did you try to activate the automatic filing ? Account settings ?

Personally I tried it, did not like it because it distributed my emails all over the account, and switched it off again. Other report that since it is machine learning, it may take a little to identify patterns and improve.

To add a notebook in the mail title works for me, no problem.

In case nothing else is selected, it will send everything to the default notebook.

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