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Shared Public URLs Document Attachments Display - Suggestions Appreciated

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I have to share my notes, which many contain document attachments, to Non-Evernote users (partners) via the Shared Public URL method. Since the attachment "Icons" are different between the actual note in Evernote and the Public URL display, this becomes a challenge as far as displaying the document attachments and titles correctly and efficiently. I've come up with a solution, see attachments 1 and 2, but would like to know if anyone else has the same concern and has another solution to share?  Below is the link to the Shared Public URL example for better understanding. Thank You.1061936721_Attachment2-PublicURLAttachmentDisplay.png.feb7e3c8d7b9b936f3ade256ae01435a.png1500291096_Attachment1-EvernoteTables.png.2fd281afced50ad76340ed5661f7bc80.png

Public URL Attachments Display Link

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