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(Archived) Where can I get a previous version of the app?


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As a result of version 2.0's way of handling data and internal memory, my android experience with Evernote have now gone from acceptable to completely useless: it instantly clogs my device. As an effect, I have no way to enter notes on the go.

I hope this is resolved in future versions, as all the other updates sound really exciting.

Is there some place where I can find the previous version?

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Sorry. . . hopefully they'll make that a possibility in the near future. I can confirm that on less than stellar handsets, Evernote 2.0 is horribly slow, and force-close prone. Unusable. ( Tried on a Droid Eris )

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I too am having similar trouble and really NEED an older version of the Evernote Android app. In my case the memory issues are manifested not in slowness, but "Low on Space" errors. For me, it is not an issue of a "less than stellar handset," as I have what is typically referred to as a "super" smart-phone (HTC Incredible), but I believe a problem with just too many notes. I do not have any notebooks set as offline notebooks, but 1-3 times per week I am forced to delete apps to make my phone function (receive email).

Ironically, the #1 reason I chose this phone is its functionality for Evernote, but I have already deleted several apps that I really need and am to the point where I will next have to delete Evernote, as my overall quantity of notes will always be increasing. I can't be the only person with this many notes, nor the only one having this problem - especially since there have to be lots of people using this on far less capable devices than mine. Ultimately though, as users add more notes, this will become a bigger and bigger problem. Even if I wanted a more capable phone, I believe there is not yet one available with a faster processor or more memory capacity and as much as I love Evernote, I just can't fathom forking out another $200 - $300 for a top of the line phone plus paying the cancellation fee (maybe $350) on my Incredible before my contract is up in 16 months - just to use Evernote.

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