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Make tasks viewable at a full width, not sidebar



I am an EN user since March 2008 and it's organized my life ever since.

Except for tasks. I've tried 3 times to make it my task/project manager and I just can't get with the UI/UX.

The flyout task manager "bar" is just too little real estate. Adding the ability to resize the task fly-out to most or all of the screen would be a major UX improvement.

I love having tasks associated with notes. But sorting by notes in the task column just clutters up the column. I want more ability to sort by task and have the note be under the task rather than the current reverse.

We need the ability to drag tasks up and down on the list. That's a critical need. Sometimes at the beginning of hte day or during the day, you gotta move tasks up simply and quickly. You can drag a task out from under  the associated note in the task fly-out but I don't understand the utility of doing that.

I use tags on my notes extensively as I consult for a number of companies. How about the ability to filter tasks by tags in the notes that contain tags.

I've never found a task manager that allows me integrate EN nicely. You are almost there.

Is there a discussion group on improving Tasks in EN?

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@agsteele reviving this topic. 

Having a dedicated note is good but it doesn't harness the flexibility of adding tasks to other notes as you create those notes..

I keep Tasks open all day now that I am dedicated to using EN for all my task management. I'd like to have a wider fly-out that can be detached and positioned anywhere I like.

I use two monitors. The secondary monitor is on the left. Having the tasks on the left of a left monitor is not ideal.

@EverNote This is a pretty basic UX request to make using EN for task more attractive.

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I'm confused by the UX intent behind the tasks being inside of sliding sidebar. It automatically squeezes our written content within the narrow sidebar. It also shows us a recently opened note on the right hand side. This adds to visual clutter especially since it may not be related.

Currently I use Todoist for tasks. It provides a more focused experience. I've attached a comparison. I'm not sure how it is for others but when I'm making tasks I'm not necessarily concerned with my notes. So I don't want to see them while creating tasks.



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I totally agree with snsokstan -- the Task column is too narrow! And it would be great to have a note field to just add small bits of pertinent info or a link to the note relating to that task. On iOS, the task panel is wider and much easier to read, but on the desktop app it's really cramped. These are issues that make it hard to really love Tasks and use it. 

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True - that does work. However, then I run into an issue where all the tasks I've completed are still showing, and not at the bottom either. Is there a way to not get the completed tasks to show at all? I have to manually delete them, which isn't very efficient.

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On 2/3/2022 at 12:58 PM, agsteele said:

Provided your tasks are all in the default Tasks note then just open that note. For easy access as it to your shortcuts.

Not really a good solution as long as Tasks has it's own icon in the sidebar that can't be disabled. Either there should be a way to make the the sidebar more functional (so you don't have to click on each task to see the full task name), or you should be able to disable the sliding panels in the sidebar altogether from the settings.

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I am using Evernote for 4 years at this point. I am alright with tasks window but there is just too much information which i find a desing mistake as a desinger. My opinion is Tasks window is not very good and it should be optional. Some people use dedicated notes for their to-dos. I am more of a archiver. I am still trying to keep everything together. To see, what i need to do. 

First thing i wish for it to be is, priorty and subtasks. yes, we can create something similar with check-box but we still need it to show up in the tasks window so we can organize our priorties, after creating all of the tasks and subtasks. 

Flying out pannel is a saver in some cases, whenever i need to check i do not want to go to a totally diffirent window. Most of my time with a press of a button it just pops. Still, having it be movable around the screen could be a game-changer. I would deattach the window and use the shortcut to open that window. 

There is benefits to everything. It's faster to use with it's current form but it lacks the flexibilty and focus of other task managers. 

I am trying todoist for more focused experince but i am still doing everything on evernote. Just to check my projects and remember my tasks i push a button, todoist shows up. 2 seconds later it hides again. I just love it. 

I am using Evernote in order to compete with my ADHD. It helped me much more than a lot of software. In fact, i know a lot of ADHD people using it under my observation in order to organize their lives. 

Every one of us are telling the same thing. "Our minds are not able to focus on just task window. Whenever I open it, i just go into another task and forget my first task."

I am trying other task managers in order to understand. If it can help and the answer is yes.

Yes, you can manage almost all of your tasks within the time limit because of less information. Projects? done before deadlines. Chores? done. Everything just fits right with less information and wider flexibilty. We already have a note dedicated to that tasks. We just want to use the task window to see what needs to be done and where we can find information about it.  

withouth auto-control of our minds, we are able to easily get lost in task window with the amount of information. 

I still love Evernote. They are the best. 



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