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Merge 2 Evernote Accounts

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I have 2 Evernote accounts. One free version (using yahoo mail) and one Pay version (using Gamil). I use mostly yahoomail account, but there are some functions like google calendar only work with Google account. I have most of my note, including share with me notes, in the yahoo Evernote account. I am wonder if there is a way that I can merge the yahoo Evernote account with my Google Evernote account. Is so, how do I do it? Thanks.  

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You need to keep the paid account.

You should do this in a desktop application.

Export the notebook(s) from the Free account to an enex file(s).

Switch to the paid account and import the notebooks you just exported into the paid account.

In the online account settings for the free account go to the Account Status area and select the option you want.

Log out of the free account. Now access the settings for the paid account and change your Email address if that's what you wish to do. However, if you paid for sub via Google Play or iOS you can't unlink the paying Email account.

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Sometimes looking into the EN help database would avoid posting questions here. I am not opposed to ask questions in the forum, but for some ventures it is better to follow official step-by-step advise. Thanks to @agsteele who wrapped it up nicely.

Merge 2 accounts


Deactivate an account 


Permanently close an account


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The easiest solution to this is to ask support.

I suppose you can have multiple logins - but no idea with these „ecosystem logins“. Maybe it will even work if you have both in parallel.

Just make sure you always have a working email address as main login method - this is your fallback if the other methods fail.

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