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Task Featur Request

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I'm finding TASKS in Evernote very useful. However, I need to save and include a TASK View in a note. 
  • I appreciate that a task can exist in only one note at a time, and all TASKS can be viewed in the TASK VIEW. 
  • However, this misses one classic use case; or at least I can't see how to do it yet. So here's the use case I'm struggling with.
  • For simple planning, I like creating a daily or weekly Note. 
  • Being able to move a TASK from anywhere into another note, like my Weekly Note, is fine.
  • Creating new tasks directly in any Note is fine.
  • But the classic use for me is to view Tasks from all notes in a Weekly Note that come due in a particular week. I don't see how to do that.
  • If I've already created a TASK within a Note (I'm not referring to the default Note for all TASKS), I don't want to move the TASK to the Weekly Note - cause it loses context.
What Evernote needs to provide, IMHO, is the ability to create a tailored TASK view that I can save and use elsewhere, like in my Weekly Note
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  • Evernote Staff*

Lots for us to think about here @Bill Riski.

Not quite what you are looking for but could still be helpful: on the due date tab in the Tasks view, you should be able to see any tasks coming due in the next week, grouped in the following sub-buckets: today, tomorrow, and next 7 days. If you focus on those sections, it approximates the Weekly Note you are describing. Not perfect, but hopefully helpful.


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