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Student discount after one year

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Seems pretty clear to me...





What happens after the promotional period ends?

After the promotional period ends, your subscription will automatically renew on an annual basis at the normal price, unless you change your subscription settings. Evernote's Commercial Terms apply.


The promotional period is one-year...

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Unfortunately, some teachers are really interested in students getting a lower score because they can get money for it. In our world, you can buy a diploma, and it's sad.
I recommend focusing on discounts that can give you a better opportunity later on. I prefer DontPayFull.com. Pay attention to that.
In any case, everyone decides for himself to use or not a discount coupon, the main thing to carefully check the organization providing products or services and carefully examine the conditions of the action.

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I believe it's only for one year.

To find out for sure (if you already paid), you can go into your Account Settings > Billing.

Next to Billing History, you'll see such text: "Next billing date on January 7, 2023 for 76.2" Obviously, for you, that number and date will be different. Hopefully that answers your question.

My promotional price was only for one year (50% off Personal) but it wasn't a student discount. I would guess it would be the same for students.

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It is a bummer that the discount cannot be ongoing as long as students are still enrolled. I was going to sign up for it and came here to double check as the sign-up page said it will charge the full price next year, but I am going to still be a student for the following two years and can't afford the full price. 

It is a very generous discount, but I don't understand the motive behind offering it for just the first year.

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