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Some things i noticed, am I the only one?

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I sent a feedback regarding this but I would like to know if its just my problem or is something shared.

I love evernote due to being fast and easy to use, but:

- The Android app is very laggy and prone to bugs (double clicks, especially)

- I find the whole interface a lot chaotic, especially on phone (and i have a big screen phone)

- There is a bug where if you share a link in the app and you dont force close the app, each time you switch in the app it is saved again

- I find empty notes shouldnt be saved automatically

- In general I find evernote a bit sparse and not intuitive


What do you think about it?

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Hi.  We're mainly just other users in this forum,  so you might get more feedback in a while,  but in general you are right that the mobile apps can be slow.  If you have specific issues,  raise a support ticket - otherwise Evernote Developers will read your comments in due course,  though they won't respond directly.

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When have you switched your iPhone completely off the last time ? Good practice is to do it at least once a week. When the Apple logo shows on switching on, it was off.

Next step would be to log out of your EN account on the app, close the app, and then reopen and log back in.

Both measures will clean parts of the iPhones memory, getting rid of clutter that may pile up there.

And no, I haven’t noticed any difference, everything working as it should.

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