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The camera auto focus works really well, and the image looks sharp - right until Evernote then captures the picture, and while doing so - the image all of a sudden becomes blurred, out of focus, and all documents I "scan" that way are totally unreadable. I have to use the Camare App of the phone and then share the images with evernote, which only works on single images - or - I can mass import images from within Evernote into a note, and then delete the images from the galery of the phone, and also from Google fotos, etc.

Really, all this issue together with the horrible slowness, that came since version 10, when starting or interacting with the app, makes me look for alternatives, even when these have less features.

I mean, seriously, does anyone of you actually use this app personally with version > 10.0?
Everytime I want to quickly capture something, e.g. in a store or on the street, and I fire up Evernote, its telling me its loading my new Evernote app. Can't you defer update so they don't interfere with the critical workflow??

I mostly say that as an excuse for a bad bug report. I have slim hopes that this Product raises to its former glory again.

I do software for a living. I know this is hard, but your new architecture went into a bad direction, it seems. It's just improving stuff that didn't need improvement as much as the app needs that speed you sacrificed.

Please fix Evernote.

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Personally I would say practically all users here at the forum are using the app - why would anybody come here if not for exchanging user experience ?

If you mean "EN staff" with "you", they rarely show up at the forum. Wrong place ...

Use the feedback function of the clients, or issue a support ticket.

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