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Automation and Searching

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Still love Evernote, but I've had to move the bulk of my operations to Devon, which I don't like as much.  There are several reasons, but there are two big ones.  The minor of the two is searching.  Evernote used to be very easy to find my notes, now it's very hard.  I don't know what has changed, but it's lost something somewhere along the line.

But the main thing is it's no longer Applescriptable.  This is a killer, because I tend to batch process a lot of things and I simply can't do that with Evernote any more.  (and even if I could, I'm not sure I could find them again with the current incarnation of the search engine.)

So, my question.  Is some form of automation in the works?  Ideally applescript, but failing that a least automator operations or (I don't see how this can work, but I'm not an expert) maybe the new shortcuts app.  And secondly, is more work being done on the search functions?


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The forum is user2user, and EN usually won’t comment on future features.

The only hint I can give: When v10 was released, I went looking for Electron apps that allow for scripting in the internet. Maybe some have the ability - however I found no one that was advertising or mentioning it on their websites.

Most older EN shortcuts have stopped working on iOS, a few simple ones miraculously still do the job. Have not yet tried on the Mac.

About search: I can’t confirm this. Search produces the exact same hits whenever I try between legacy and v10. The advanced search language works and was even improved by the „contains“ category. Saved searches work fine.

And then you could now go for full Boolean search (build complex search requests) if on Professional or Teams. My conclusion: v10 search is equal or better than legacy.

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Search had changed in EN v10. But it is more an issue of the order of doing things. Give us an example of what isn't working for you. There are some very experienced searchers here. We may be able to help resolve that. 

I can't comment on the applescript thing. Some are doing automation of sorts. Again an example may allow someone to offer a solution. EN has not announced any plans.

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Ah.  Well that explains the search.  I use the AND a lot.  If that's now a premium feature, it's gone.  Which is a shame, because without automation I'm not upgrading Evernote.  I guess I'll have to get used to Devonthink.  :(

I guess this answers my question, though not the way I was hoping.


(agsteele: I need pretty extensive automation.  I have dozens of scripts that batched processed pdf files and assigned tags and boxes by the contents of the files.  It's not going to be a quick fix.  Thanks anyway.)


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AND has NEVER been a search parameter in the classical EN search. You can review the search syntax, no boolean parameters available.

It used to work differently:

cat dog     = cat AND dog

any: cat dog     = cat OR dog   (or both, nonexclusive OR)

cat -dog      = only cat, NOT dog

The boolean search was introduced with the Professional plan in summer. This is new, it did not exist before.

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1 hour ago, Scooter said:

I have dozens of scripts that batched processed pdf files and assigned tags and boxes by the contents of the files.

It sounds like the processes for which I use Filterize.  I have several redirects that throw Gmails directly into my database.  Filterize finds keywords using Evernote search terms plus its own add-on tests which (I think) include AND options,  and assigns tags and notebooks as necessary.  Not sure if its still a feature,  but Filterize also included a bespoke email address for each notebook so that it was possible to assign emails directly.

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