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Evernote on Android: Error. Error signing in. Please try again. If the issue continues contact support.

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New user here. Ever since I joined Evernote, I've had nothing but problems with their Android app (sign in, that is).

It was working decently yesterday, but even then ran a bit sluggish.

Connection is fine. 500mbp/s on 5G.

I sign in using Apple ID.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

So far, I have restarted my device, re-installed Evernote on Android, but no luck.

Device used: OnePlus 8T 5G, Android 11.

Update: It stopped working even on the web, seems like an issue with Evernote and Apple sign-in, which Evernote stated as I can see, that they have been working to fix.

Workaround: Reset password, use it with private relay e-mail login instead of one-click Apple sign-in.

Hopefully this gets fixed soon, Apple sign-in is my preference.



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I've come across more information.
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Maybe signing in with Apple on an Android device is causing some hiccup ...

All this "sign in by ..." stuff creates one more dependency. No problem when on an Apple device, because you will anyhow be signed into your account. Not so on an Android device. I would probably establish an independent sign in, if I don't want to use a Goggle account.

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the verification here may well be taking place between evernote servers and apple (or google if using google sign-in). if this is the case, being logged in to a google account on a android phone or an iphone won't help here.

it is however, as @PinkElephantstates, another dependency. If you use a username/password then evernote doesn't need to verify your credentials against another service.

--barely on-topic rant follows--

Identity providers are one of my main bugbears. There are so many silos here (google+, apple id, facebook id, github ...) with zero interoperability between them. The main problem they solve is that you don't have to manage any passwords any more. I'm quite happy to pay a coffee a month for 1password (or another similar service) to manage my passwords in a platform independent manner. It's honest work and i think that people who use these services should expect to pay a monthly fee for them.

Instead we live in a world where we expect web services to be free. The result is rich companies offering expensive products for free which customers are then locked in to (sometimes this is the explicit strategy of the rich company). No small company can afford to offer a competing product for free. Advertising seems to be a good way around this - either you pay us to provide you this service or we get the money we need by showing you ads. However the experience for the end user is not as good (have you seen doodle recently?!?).

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