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Tags and notebooks

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I'm interested in hearing your criteria

Evernote uses notebooks to identify notes as offline, shared, or local (legacy)   
I also have a few apps that insist on using their own notebook   

Other than those notebooks (minimal), I rely on tag methodology   
My preference for tags is that multiple tags can be assigned to a note; with notebooks we're restricted to a single assignment

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My methodology is this.

My stacks are based on my life; Personal, Professional, Ministry, and Education

Notebooks are a top level look at that. For example let's look at professional 

I have notebooks for my company, each school I teach for, the current websites I'm building, The websites I've completed, and then professional reference section. 

Tags are using for a next level. In the notebook for one of the schools I teach for I have tags pertaining to; 

  • Announcements
  • Student Email templates
  • Info about the course(s) I teach
  • Faculty related notes 
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OK - I may have mentioned this before in these forums (a few zillion times..) but I decided,  after 55,000+ notes and around 1,000 tags, that I needed to "pre-sort" some of my entries.  So I made a new notebook for each new 'entity' that I was dealing with.  All of my interactions with (forinstance) Amazon went into an |Amazon notebook (note the vertical bar so I could easily differentiate the notebook name from all the entries!)

After creating a notebook for all the distinct entities that I have in my life,  from family members to banks and insurance companies,  I have (fortunately - or possibly sadly) less than 500 notebooks.

I also use 'smart titles' for my notes and sort them in title order.  The content is date (yyyymmdd) - type (receipt/letter/leaflet) - source (e.g. Amazon) - keywords (anything that occurs to me at the time).

Where individuals work for a main company,  they'll have a link back to that note for the corporate information.

Where I have a project which involves input from several companies / people,  that project has its own notebook,  with links back to the entities involved.

So if I need to see what was my last Amazon purchase I can go look in that notebook.  To find the status of a project... go look in the notebook.  To check whether I got s reply to an email...

It works for me!


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