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Phone died during audio recording (Android 10.23.1)

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Sadly, Evernote did not save the recording before the phone shut down. (Please consider this a feature request!)

Any chances of recovering it?...

Where might I look for a cached version of this file?...


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I presume you are saying that your device battery ran out of power rather than the phone completely died. 

Sadly, loss of power is terminal. The Evernote app would need to monitor your battery and at some arbitrary moment decide to save everything just before the phone shutdown. I think you'd need to check that you have all the OS battery saving settings enabled and then pay attention to them.

I don't believe that there is a cache of what had been recorded which you could access.


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When the juice went away, everything stored in fluid RAM memory is untold history. Makes no sense to feature request anything - check your battery stats. If your battery is getting weak, there is another effect: The CPU will reduce its frequency, which means the device gets slower, and may even crash when the demand on calculating power exceeds the CPUs abilities. This is what most likely happened when you recorded audio on such a drained phone.

If your battery needs permanent attention: A battery replacement is a good solution to get things back to normal again. It costs a fraction of a new device, and is much better for the environment than to produce electronic waste just because a battery is running low.

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