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(Archived) Web based error using latest Firefox on iMac

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Hei, just a spot of feedback

I tested the mobile web entry on my Nokia E61.. this made an entry ok which I checked on the Web ref. above subject line, and edited in a few additional lines.

Only snag is that the entry vanished either when saving, or when I went to open it again to move it. Sorry I can't remember which, I was so surprised..

Otherwise I am very happy with the sync that is possible between my two Macs (and a PC) via the web.

Congratulations on your 1st million btw :D

Edit: I think what might have happened is I changed the note's title and might have used a strange character - I'm using a Norwegian keyboard. I found the note in a little-used Notebook after a similar thing happened today with another note. Both vanished to the same Notebook - the top one, 'Books'.

Edit2: I just caught this one! When I made a change to a notebook called "Interesting", I noticed the notebook selected under "Save changes" was my "Books & DVD" notebook! i.e. if I had pressed "Save.." the changed note would have 'vanished' to Books..

Also at the top left of the screen its showing 50 notes in "Books & DVD" - in fact I have 4 notes there, but 50 in "Interesting". I hope this helps you locate the problem :(

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