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Getting Kicked Off for more than 2 devices!

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I have been using Evernote flawlessly for years until recently I ran into an issue.

I use on Evernote on 2 devices: MacBook Pro + iPhone.

I recently had my MacBook Pro fixed and sent it out for repair.  In the interim, I bought a new MacBook Air and used Evernote on. It eventually kicked me out of my Evernote account on MB Pro. I got my original MacBook Pro back fixed and sent back the MacBook Air (logging out and wiping the computer).

I logged back in to my Evernote. However, I keep getting kicked out of my Evernote because it says it only allows two devices.  I only have 2 devices.

Any thoughts on how to fix this issue?


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  • jm54 changed the title to Getting Kicked Off for more than 2 devices!

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