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Basic Sort & Filter Function for Tables



It would be great to have a simple sort and filter function for tables in Evernote. More and more information these days is in tables and spreadsheets and some basic functionality like the ability to sort or filter would make the use of bigger tables a realistic option using Evernote. Presently, only small tables seem to have any useful purpose in Evernote. 

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I'll second that. There have been requests to sort entries inside a table all the way back to 2012. (I just found some while searching for this exact functionality.)

Apparently the current "solution" is copy/paste into Excel for sorting, then copy/paste back into Evernote... which makes me wonder why I bothered putting the data into Evernote instead of Excel in the first place.

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2 hours ago, WJKinne said:

Vote Up

(There is a little upvote arrow that you can click to actually vote it up, but doesn't look like anybody has actually clicked it yet. And seems like voting something up is worth almost nothing on these forums, but it *is* probably better than nothing. 😃)



This additional feature will, of course, add some complexity. Seems like even a basic sort should be able to sort by more than just alphabetical order... we'd also want it to sort on dates and numbers as well and the cells currently have no concept of dates or numbers either - so the tables would need to support that kind of ability as well.

I've also seen another feature request for basic formulas and mathematical equations. I've also seen a feature request to embed a live Google Sheet into the note.

Although I think it would be cool if tables could sort, I'm not sure it's worth adding that kind of complexity into the app.

I think the tables are meant for more basic kinds of things. If we need tables that can sort or do basic formulas, or if we need huge tables of data, then I think it's probably just best to link to an online spreadsheet or embed an Excel, Numbers or other spreadsheet into the note as an attachment.



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