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Bugs and missing features



I had paid for Evernote Pro for many years until last year when everything I was using on my Evernote suddenly changed again. The widget on my home screen on my Samsung Note 10 was gone. The feature for hand writing notes and doing voice recordings at the same tittle was gone and replaced with a child's style drawing screen. As a result I closed two paid accounts and have reverted to the free version which has several new bugs. The new version is very slow. Often, by the time my screen view opens, I have opted to make notes in another way. The notebooks list seems to be very dysfunctional.it will list my notebooks several times in several places and I am not sure which one to click as they are all the same. This never happened the previous version. When will these bugs be fix - it has been over a year? Will the full handwriting feature return with the ability to record audio? I had bought the Samsung Note series phones in order to make use of Evernote's features.

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What you describe are no bugs, it is a different feature set of the new version.

Audio recording is available on all clients.


There is no special handwriting support in the app, you better get another solution if handwriting is an important request.

The duplication of notebooks has happened initially, but usually it should be resolved. If not, maybe your client has not updated. The current version on mobile devices is 10.24, released just now. If you run the newest version and still have duplication of notebooks, your local data may be corrupted.

In this case log out and back in.

If this does not solve the issue, uninstall the app, dump all data. Switch the phone off at least once.  Then reinstall, open the app, log in.

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Hard to imagine with the growth of the 2 in1 devices, tablets, and mobile phones now large enough to write on that this feature has been removed.  I understand Evernote was never good at handwriting to begin with but to not improve upon it and just remove it altogether doesn't make a ton of sense.

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EN offers its own handwriting app Penultimate. It exists on iOS, not sure about Android. I don’t really like it (use it mainly for some testing), but it is a full handwriting app, and it syncs with its own notebook in your EN account.

If you look over the market for these devices, there are plenty, but there is no standard. A Samsung Note and an iPad with Pencil use the same approach, but technically they are far from ach other. Add the Microsoft Surfaces and other devices to the scenery. EN has focussed to release 2 apps, one for desktop and one for mobile, that cover most of what is running on these platforms.

EN does not support any specific capability of only a part of these devices. Maybe they will change this in the future, but up to now I see no movement into that direction. As an iPad user who loves the device, I am not happy about this myself. But this is reality, at least from what I can see and try.

So to wrap it up: No perspective for a real handwriting support, at least not as we can conclude from what we get.

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Pink Elephant, your response is not making much sense.  You said "There is no special handwriting support in the app".

The issues is, I have been using evernote for many years now... paying for it.  I had plenty of "special handwriting support" for all these years and worked well enough.

You could record audio in meetings at the same time that you could hand writing the note.  I used this function for years with Samsung Note phone and Samsung Note Tablets.  My question is, why was this core functionality of Evernote removed and how do we get it back?  It is not cool to say "there is no special handwriting support" when indeed there has been for years and then was switched off and replace with a child's version of a sketchpad.  I think we deserve an adult answer for these matters.

I stopped paying for 2 accounts the same day they removed these features and I closed down over 380 accounts that I was in charge of over the course of the year.

We are adults and business people here.  Anyone who can answer to these matters with clarity and truth should do so.  I am not looking for the type of answers that you are giving PinkElephant... I want some facts here.


Why were the well supported "special handwriting" features that had synced audio recording features removed and replaced with a child like sketch pad and how do we get the previous versions back? If we can get some straight answers and some quality features again I would consider paying again.


Why is the android version so full of bugs?  If I have a book called book1... why does it show up 15 times in my list of books in the new version when in the old version it showed up once as it should... easy to locate?


Why is Evernote getting worse with each new update?

Is someone in management secretly working for the competitor and trying to sabotage Evernote?

This has happened before in companies.  Everyone can see that Evernote is getting worse.  What we can not understand is why are they sabotaging themselves. 


Lets have some adult level answers here please, from someone in the know.  We need this software to work at least as well as it did several years ago.  How do we get back the old software and the old management that were providing quality software solutions?

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Back to the initial question: No real handwriting support. As mentioned this is about the Sketch function build into the main app. You may live in the past (the good old days when EN sold socks and the former management brought it to a virtual standstill). I post about the current app.

Penultimate is another story - EN bought it years ago, and it practically is the same app it was back then. No development for years, while the world (and other apps) around it evolved. The direct EN integration is the best aspect, the rest is just „old“.

About Sketch: It is no handwriting tool, and it does not try to be one. It is a drawing tool, and yes you can use it to grab handwriting. No smoothing, no text recognition, no extra tools to make writing by hand a better experience.

You probably never tried a real handwriting app. Maybe you find out yourself. Currently on iOS Notability and GoodNotes 5 are probably the best solutions.

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PinkElephant, with respect, I would very much appreciate it if you do not reply to my questions and instead leave the matter for someone with much more knowledge to answer, please.


Someone in management, please answer:

I have been using evernote for year for the handwriting system on my Samsung tablet and note phone. Last year my widgets disappeared off my phone, the handwriting denture was removed and the new version can't be navigated.  The book names appear multiple times when they should appear once in the list.  


How do we get back the handwriting app and how do we get an android app that does not have the buggy book and tag lists?


How can we get real support from management?

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